A keen eye on herself and others

A keen eye on herself and others

Amanda Wilson’s talent for videography is being put to good use as she prepares for The Way of The Horse Challenge at EQUITANA Auckland.

“I have been videoing my training which gives me a really good view of areas I need to improve on,” says the Northland horsewoman. “I am feeling good going into the challenge. It is a very different format of horse starting for me.”

Amanda usually makes the most of the wide-open spaces on their farm which she finds progresses young horses nicely. “Getting forward momentum in the round yard is something I am having to work with as I usually ask for the trot and canter on straight lines following other horses, as opposed to working them on a small circle which doesn’t go anywhere.”

However, she broke in her three-year-old filly using the TWOTH format recently and was very happy with how she went and the progress they made. “There are some things I would like to improve and play with over the coming weeks but I think it will come together nicely.”

Amanda will bring with her a range of gear and obstacles to use during the challenge. “In the past year I have been studying lots of starting and handling videos on trainers around the world and I’ll keep doing this. I love to see other methods and what works and what doesn’t.”

Words by Diana Dobson

// EQUITANA Auckland 21-24 November 2019