Carol Layton

Carol Layton

Horse Health

Carol Layton B.Sc M.Ed (Balanced Equine) is an Australian independent equine nutritionist with a science background with a passion for the optimal feeding of horses based on research.

In the beginning, as a long term science teacher and horse owner, Carol found it frustrating when trying to obtain evidence based information about feeding horses and how to understand all the myths and marketing that is in the horse industry. After failing to find an evidence based equine nutrition course in Australia that provided the desired scientific detail, Carol enrolled in 2008 in the equine nutrition courses provided by Dr Eleanor Kellon VMD, a world leader in equine nutrition in America. Then in 2009, Dr Kellon asked her to join her staff as the tutor. 10 years later, Carol is still tutoring students from all over the world. Carol has been the lecturer in Equine Nutrition for the Australian nationally recognised Certificate of Equine Hoof Care Practitioner course (ACEHP) since 2011.

Carol is passionate about teaching and sharing her knowledge of equine nutrition to make it easier and simpler for horse owners to understand feeding horses and current research. So far she has been a speaker at a number of conferences in Australia and overseas, including the 2017 NO Laminitis Conference in Arizona USA. Carol explains the myths, fads and marketing ploys, and advocates simple, holistic and cost effective feeding recommendations for all. Carol’s expertise in equine nutrition is not simply about what to feed but also how to best support horses along the lines of timing of feeding, what to feed before and after work and for veterinary issues like laminitis.

Carol has had horses most of her life and in the last 17 years has been an enthusiastic competitor in endurance riding. Her own endurance horse, Omani Mr Sqiggle was the 2009 Australian National Points and Distance horse for her weight division.

Education Sessions

Simplified evidence based feeding

9.45am - 10.30pm Friday, 22nd November | Classroom 2

The presentation will explain how to feed horses well for health and well-being, and as far as possible, keep it simple and cost effective. Based on scientific research of the horses' digestive system, horse owners will be shown what the best feed ingredients are and why in terms of overall health and performance. By understanding why these types of feeds are so beneficial to horses, better informed decisions can be made for what to buy at their local stock feed retailer from the often confusing and huge array of products on offer and some help to navigate the myths and marketing. Pasture and hay testing in terms of the New Zealand situation will be discussed.

Feeding the laminitic horse

10.30am - 11.15am Sunday, 24th November | Classroom 1

Some horses have with a life threatening metabolic condition that causes insulin to rise, triggering the chain of events that results in laminitis. Laminitis will be explained plus the most common dietary causes including insulin resistance (IR), and from recent research, increased production of gut incretins that cause insulin to rise. The aim of the presentation is to support owners of these horses and ponies by first explaining what the best and safest feeds are and what the key nutrients are to aid in rehabilitation plus horse management practices. The science behind the recommendations will be explained so that horse owners can apply it to their horse's situation.