Carole Herder

Carole Herder

Horse Health

Carole Herder is an integral member of the horse industry. Since 1993, her company, Cavallo Horse & Rider Inc., develops, manufactures and distributes horse products in 26 countries worldwide.

Carole designed and developed The Cavallo Hoof Boots and Total Comfort System Saddle Pads. Providing comfort for horses is Carole’s passion. She presents trainings around the world on the benefits of keeping horses with an understanding of their natural state.

Ms Herder is the honoured recipient of the Royal Bank of Canada Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award. She is a trail blazer and a proud member of the Women’s Presidents Organisation, supporting female entrepreneurs in every industry. Carole is the author of the #1 International Bestseller ‘There are No Horseshoes in Heaven’. Her new book, Happy Horses, Healthy Feet has just been released. She co-authored the book, The Cavallo Barefoot Manual and has several published articles. Carole is commended as a worldwide educator and passionate presenter.

Striving to improve the level of comfort for horses and the people who care for them; Carole presents the chronicle of her own horses’ experience and shares a wealth of knowledge accumulated over extensive worldwide association through our industry experts. Ms Herder holds a degree in Business Administration and studied Economics and Psychology at the University of Alberta, Canada. Her trainings expand to hoof anatomy with an emphasis on function and physics, the barefoot movement and hoof boot development, highlighting various real-life stories of riders and horses affected by this revolution over the past dynamic decade. Carole’s aptitudes include holistic wellness, nutrition and practice as a Chopra University Certified Yoga Instructor.

In her spare time, Carole enjoys trail riding and hiking with her husband, Cavallo CEO, Greg Giles, their quarter horses – Dot and Slash and beloved Australian Shepherd – Danny Boy, in the backwoods and mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

Education Sessions

Take the Horse Health Quiz

10.45am - 11.30am Thursday, 21st November | Classroom 2

This is a fun and entertaining workshop, with 12 intriguing questions designed to help you rate the level of your horse's overall health. Discover your own personal strengths and uncover areas which may require improvement. Is your horse a textbook example of virility or is there a potential for contracting a disease such as Laminitis. See how your quiz score will determine your assets and weaknesses. Discover tools that will combat, prevent and help manager lameness, founder and navicular disease. Improve the level of your horse's health and increase his overall immunity. Give your horse an upgrade, by improving your knowledge. This workshop includes a FREE BOOK by Best selling Author and your Presenter Carole Herder.

Laminitis is like Ripping Velcro

2.30pm - 3.15pm Saturday, 23rd November | Classroom 1

If your horse gets/develops Laminitis you have been given an intense invitation to the school of horse health. Not for the faint of heart, this is a stressful and emotional journey which requires investigation and knowledge to cure. This presentation is tailored to the non-professional horse owner for the prevention, understanding and the treatment of Laminitis. You will receive a simple definition of the disease, a list and variety of its' causes and an arsenal of tools you can execute as your action plan should the illness strike. Although Laminitis can inflict merciless agony and is potentially fatal; it is curable with good, realistic and appropriate information. Knowledge provides you with the power and independence to affect positive change for your horse.