Carriage Driving

Carriage Driving

This exciting Carriage Driving Obstathon will consist of a course of 10 cones and 2 marathon obstacles, all numbered with drivers required to navigate the course in sequential order. The course will be built as a fast flowing course to show the speed, agility and sure footedness of the ponies and horses and skill of the drivers. The competition will consist of single ponies and horses, pairs of ponies and horses and teams of four ponies and horses

Livamol Jump & Drive

Sponsored by Livamol, a new addition to the competition programme in 2019, Jump & Drive is a crowd favourite of EQUITANA Melbourne and is now coming across the Tasman! This exciting competition sees a showjumper paired with a carriage driver for the ultimate display of equine teamwork. The jumping rider will complete a tight showjumping course before dismounting their horse and latching onto the back of carriage to provide balance for the vehicle as it whips through a cones course as fast as possible. It is an adrenaline packed competition and always goes down to the wire; the smallest mistake could be the difference between whether they win or lose!

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