The very popular Kiwi sport of Jumping is back at EQUITANA Auckland, with an expanded range of classes available for riders from Junior, Young Rider and Open classes on offer as well as a 6 Bar and Relay. Starting from 1.10m all the way through to the highlight competition, the Harrison Lane Kiwi Classic Grand Prix, EQUITANA Auckland’s jumping programme reaches a thrilling crescendo at the Mercedes Benz Full Flight Jump Night on Saturday night!

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It wouldn’t be EQUITANA without dressage, and this year, EQUITANA Auckland is proud to bring to you two levels of this beautiful sport! Featuring both the Intermediate 1 class, showing NZ’s newer FEI combinations, and of course showcasing the beauty, strength and talent that is our top Kiwi combinations doing battle for the title of Grand Prix Champion! Both levels will be showing the creative flair that is Freestyle to Music, forming part of the Friday Night Dressage Extravaganza!

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Express Eventing

Eventing Day at EQUITANA features great Cross Country action, and this is your chance to witness some of New Zealand’s most talented eventing riders, as they pit their talent against each other and take on the compact sport that is Express Eventing! Bringing together the three elements of Dressage, Cross Country and Show Jumping into one fast paced, high octane event- this one is SURE to get your heart racing!

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EQUITANA Auckland is proud to be launching our Junior and Youth Rider programme at our 2019 event. We are creating the programme to educate and advance the development of New Zealand’s talented pool of young riders.

The Young Riders of a nation are the future of their chosen equestrian discipline, and EQUITANA is proud to have created a platform for New Zealand’s best young riders to showcase their talent.

New Zealand’s Young Riders will have the opportunity to compete with and against top senior riders at EQUITANA and gain exposure to top level atmosphere of an international style competition. Young riders can also access specialised education sessions on feeding and nutrition of the equine athlete, sports psychology, riding, and much more via our world class education programme. Add to that the opportunity to gain knowledge via witnessing top level trainers in action throughout the 4 Masterclasses and several Star Education Sessions of each major discipline, New Zealand’s future is in safe hands.

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NEW: Show Hunter

EQUITANA Auckland is proud to be showcasing the incredibly popular sport of Show Hunter in 2019. Show Hunter is affiliated to Jumping New Zealand and is the technical art of jumping, where, in addition to leaving the rails up, the horse must demonstrate a superior natural jumping style along with an established level of training.

Jumping a Show Hunter course demands the skill and discipline to ride a predetermined number of strides between related fences and maintain an even rhythm throughout the round.  It develops the relationship between horse and rider and is a breeding ground for our potential stars of the future.

You can catch all the action from the Show Hunter Classes at EQUITANA on our opening day on Thursday 21st November from 8.30am in our outdoor arena.

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NEW: Working Equitation

Working Equitation is an exciting discipline currently sweeping across the equestrian world. Come along and see for yourself what Working Equitation is all about and witness the precision, trust and challenge that each rider and horse combination need to execute a test. An intricate detail of control and partnership is required to execute the obstacle course, with high level dressage manoeuvres, pole work, gates, bridges, even La grouchy pole. The history of this discipline goes back to Spain, and has been a forerunner in competition for many decades. In New Zealand, Working Equitation is growing in its popularity and we are excited to be showcasing it for the first time during EQUITANA.

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IRT Presents The Way of the Horse

The Way of the Horse burst onto the scene at EQUITANA Auckland in 2017 and has well and truly become a fan-favourite! Watch and learn from the best trainers from New Zealand and Australia as they battle it out for the prestigious title in this educational horse starting competition.

EQUITANA Auckland is proud to partner with IRT once more to bring you this iconic event. Visitors will be able to watch 2 specialist young horse trainers from NZ and  Australia, as they take their unhandled New Zealand young horses from wild-to-willing across the 4 days of EQUITANA

Days 1-3 of the Challenge will be accessible on all ticket types, with the Grand Finale on Sunday afternoon only available on a Sunday Day Ticket or Super Ticket.

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ConneXion Challenge

Another EQUITANA favourite,  the ConneXion Challenge highlights the harmony and partnership between horse and rider, incorporating all disciplines from dressage and jumping to liberty and horsemanship. This competition is ideal for the all rounder, where riders need to show their agility, obstacles, precision and performance. This was a crowd favourite in 2017, and will feature the Round 1 battle on Saturday, and the Challenge Final on Sunday.

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NEW: Breed Parade

The Breed Parade competition will run as a ‘best in show’ offering the ultimate accolade to be crowned the EQUITANA AKL Breed Champion. Breeders and members of societies exhibiting horses within the EQUITANA Breed Village will have the opportunity to nominate their best breed representative to compete in the Breed Parade as part of their inclusion into EQUITANA. Entries are also open to owners of any breed of horse. Always a crowd favourite, come along to EQUITANA on Sunday and pick YOUR favourite breed!

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Carriage Driving

This exciting Carriage Driving Obstathon will consist of a course of 10 cones and 2 marathon obstacles, all numbered with drivers required to navigate the course in sequential order. The course will be built as a fast flowing course to show the speed, agility and sure footedness of the ponies and horses and skill of the drivers. The competition will consist of single ponies and horses, pairs of ponies and horses and teams of four ponies and horses

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NEW: Jump & Drive

A new addition to the competition programme in 2019, Jump & Drive is a crowd favourite of EQUITANA Melbourne and is now coming across the Tasman! This exciting competition sees a showjumper paired with a carriage driver for the ultimate display of equine teamwork. The jumping rider will complete a tight showjumping course before dismounting their horse and latching onto the back of carriage to provide balance for the vehicle as it whips through a cones course as fast as possible. It is an adrenaline packed competition and always goes down to the wire; the smallest mistake could be the difference between whether they win or lose!

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The best showing combinations from across New Zealand will be on display across EQUITANA Auckland as they compete in an array of Showing competitions. Get ready for the glitz and glamour as these magnificent horse and rider combinations put themselves under the judges’ microscope to be crowned champion in their respective sections.

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Pony Club

Pony Club

EQUITANA Auckland has joined forces with The New Zealand Pony Club Association (NZPCA) to put together an amazing Pony Club Day in conjunction with its Sunday Programme at this year’s EQUITANA event. With exclusive competitions for NZPCA members including NZPCA EQUITANA Team Club Challenge and NZPCA EQUITANA 1.1m Jumping Challenge.

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