Known has the trialthalon of the equine world - this competition is a fast-paced insight into the world of elite eventing.

Kubota Express Eventing

Here’s a chance to see the very best eventers in New Zealand chase top honours in Express Eventing which brings the fast-paced action of the three disciplines – dressage, show jumping and cross country – into a single arena on Friday at EQUITANA Auckland.

Celebrating the triathletes of the horse world, the Kubota Express Eventing competition fuses high octane action in a spectator-friendly fashion. New Zealand's eventing elite will complete a dressage test followed by a hybrid jumping course comprising both cross country fences and show jumps.

The combination with the lowest score at the completion of competition will be crowned the EQUITANA New Zealand Open Kubota Express Eventing Champion.

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Although not normally run like this, Express Eventing at EQUITANA Auckland will live up to its name, making an exciting spectacle for all to witness.

This competition will be run at 2-star level and will consist of a 12-minute round.

Each 12-minute round will be divided into three phases, each approximately 4 mins long. Each competitor will complete the Dressage test followed, after a four-minute break, by the Cross Country and Showjumping as follows:

Phase 1 start with a 4-minute dressage test. The test will be CNC 2* C:1 (2009)

Phase 2 followed by a 4-minute break to change saddle, bridle and clothing as required

Phase 3 At the end of the 4-minute break, the competitor will begin a 2min 45 sec Cross-Country course followed immediately by the Showjumping course with a Joker fence.

Each competitor will complete all four parts in immediate sequence, the second competitor starting his/her round at the time that the first competitor starts his/her break. At the completion of the second competitor’s jumping course, the third competitor will start the Dressage, followed by the fourth competitor, who will start immediately after the third competitor’s Dressage. The competition will proceed this way throughout the rest of the field.


Dressage – Normal Dressage scoring will apply with total penalties carried forward.

Cross Country – Will be run under optimum time conditions with standard Cross-Country rules applying. If over the optimum time, penalties will apply. The finish flags for the Cross Country will also be the start flags for the Showjumping.

Showjumping – Normal Showjumping rules with optimum time. Over the optimum time, penalties will apply.

Joker Fence – This is an optional fence. Once clearing the finishing flags of the Showjumping course, the rider will have 15 secs to indicate to the Judge that the combination will attempt the joker fence. If the combination clears the joker fence, 10 points will be deducted from their final score. If the combination attempts the joker fence and does not clear it, 10 points will be added to their final score. Should the rider decide not to attempt the joker fence, there will be no change to their final score.

The combination with the lowest overall number of penalties will be the winner.


Thursday 4:00pm
Ultra•Mox Eventing Masterclass with Andrew Nicholson

Friday 3:15pm
Dressage Phase

Friday Afternoon - Directly Following Dressage Phase
Hybrid Showjumping & Cross Country Phase