Known has the trialthalon of the equine world - this competition is a fast-paced insight into the world of elite eventing.

Kubota Exhibition Eventing

Here’s a chance to see the very best eventers in New Zealand chase top honours in Express Eventing which brings the fast-paced action of the three disciplines – dressage, show jumping and cross country – into a single arena on Friday at EQUITANA Auckland.

Celebrating the triathletes of the horse world, the Kubota Exhibition Eventing competition fuses high octane action in a spectator-friendly fashion. New Zealand's eventing elite will complete a dressage test followed by a hybrid jumping course comprising both cross country fences and show jumps.

The combination with the lowest score at the completion of competition will be crowned the EQUITANA New Zealand Open Kubota Exhibition Eventing Champion.

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About Exhibition Eventing

Dressage Phase

A shortened demonstration of eventing brought together in two phases to showcase the excitement of this sport. Each combination will perform a short dressage test. The results of the dressage phase will seed the riders for the jumping. The leading combination will start the jumping phase on a score of zero whilst the combination in second place will carry through two penalties and the third placed combination will take through three penalties and so on.

Jumping Phase

The jumping will run in reverse order of standing following the dressage phase. The course is a combination of cross country and showjumping fences. It will include approximately 12 fences (six of each). The cross country fences will be solid obstacles of up to Equestrian Sports New Zealand CNC2* dimensions, while the showjumps will be up to CNC3* level. There will be an optional joker (showjump) fence which will be up to 1.45m in height. If successfully jumped, the joker fence will wipe four penalties off the rider’s total score. If the joker fence is knocked down the rider will incur eight penalties. The first two refusals at jumps incur no penalties, only the time taken to represent will disadvantage the rider. However, three refusals on course results in elimination. Optimum time for this course will be approximately 475 metres per minute. Riders will be penalised for exceeding the optimum time and also penalised if they complete the course more than 20 seconds under the optimum time. The rider with the least penalties at the end of the competition is the winner.


Friday Afternoon
Dressage Phase

Friday Afternoon - Directly Following Dressage Phase
Hybrid Showjumping & Cross Country Phase