Watch as these unhandled horses go from wild to willing across the four days of EQUITANA Auckland, under the watchful eyes of four of the best trainers in the Southern Hemisphere.

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IRT The Way of the Horse - The Challenge


It’s huge in Australia, and now IRT The Way Of The Horse makes its debut at EQUITANA Auckland. Watch and learn from the best trainers from New Zealand and Australia as they battle it out for the prestigious title in this educational horse starting competition.

EQUITANA Auckland has invited four top trainers – two each from New Zealand and Australia – to go head to head demonstrating their different training methods to showcase gentle ways of starting young horses.

Each contestant is celebrated for their horsemanship talents and you will get to see their every step as they take a horse from wild to willing over the four days of EQUITANA Auckland.

Trainers will select a horse on Thursday and have an hour each day to work with it – all simultaneously in round pens in front of the crowd. Contestants will be wearing microphones allowing you to hear the reasoning behind their highly personal and very specialised methods.

On the final day, the trainers will present their horse to the crowd and judges, as well as completing an obstacle course. It is then up to the judges to decide who has demonstarted the most effective and sympathetic training methods.

The Way Of The Horse was created in 2005 by the team at EQUITANA Australia to showcase a kind and caring way to start a young horse ensuring a willing and happy riding partner. While each trainer has their
own methods, they all have that same underlying ethos.

We have put together four of the finest from New Zealand and Australia. Who will take it out, and which country will earn bragging rights for the next two years? Make sure you don’t miss any of the action.

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Check out the flashback video below from EQUITANA Melbourne's 2014 TWOTH, to get an idea of what will be in store in Auckland this November!

Watch as these unhandled horses go from wild to willing across the four days of EQUITANA Auckland, under the watchful eyes of four of the best trainers in the Southern Hemisphere.

Delta Holstein Stud pride themselves in breeding kind and reliable horses, and co-owners Andrew Care and Judith Lines are very excited to be supplying horses for IRT The Way of The Horse.
The Pukekawa Stud has been producing horses for around 20 years – just one or two a year in the early days before building up to 10-15 now.
While the three-year-old horses they will bring to EQUITANA Auckland for TWOTH have never been handled, they have been around humans most of their lives.
Holsteiners are known for their kindness and blend the calmness and athletic ability of the warmblood with the sharpness of the thoroughbred.


2016 Champion - Daniel Robinson
Contestants: Mitchell Gollan, Damian Hall
2014 Champion - Bruce O'Dell

Contestants: Bianca Gillanders, Kane Lamperd
2012 Champion – Ken Faulkner
Contestants: Paul Clarkson, Naish Hogan
2011 Champion - Greg Powell
Contestants: Dan Maloney, David Manchon
2010 Champion - Adam Sutton
Contestants: Steve Halfpenny, Chad Brady
2008 Champion - Dan James
Contestants: Warwick McLean, Shane Ransley
2005 Champion - Guy McLean
Contestants: David Simons, Janette Wilson



Thursday 11:15am
Horse Selections

Thursday 1:00pm
Challenge 1

Friday 9:30am
Challenge 2

Saturday 10:45am
Challenge 3

Sunday 11:45am