The U17 World Mounted Games Team Championships are where speed meet skill in a fearless display from both horse and rider that will have you on the edge of your seat.

U17 World Mounted Games Team Championships

The international stars of tomorrow will converge on Auckland as EQUITANA plays host to the U17 World Mounted Games Team Championships. The fast and furious event will be across the Thursday, Friday and Saturday of EQUITANA and is a championship world title not to be missed.

The Mounted Games Team Championship will feature teams from around the world including:

  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • England
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • USA
  • Wales

These championships are an amazing display of riding with both horse and rider working together to complete a number of relay challenges that require huge athletic ability, coordination, skill and competitive spirit. The best U17 riders will be leaving everything out on the course to become World Champions for 2017.

The sport was devised by Prince Phillip in 1957 for children who could not afford expensive, well-bred ponies. As it was an immediate success, each championship since has battled it out for the Prince Phillip Cup as tribute to its inventor.

Which country will ride their way to the championship? You’ll just have to watch and find out.

Here is your taste of what’s to come!

Agility, Bravery and Skill

Mounted Games is all about heart-stopping action, all done at top speed. It’s become the ‘go to’ sport for riders who love fast, fun and furious.

Mounted games is a branch of equestrian sport in which very fast games are played by people of all ages on ponies up to a height of 15 hands (60 inches, 152 cm).

Riders need a blend of highly developed skills to excel – excellent hand-eye coordination, upper body strength, sprint speed, horsemanship and personal fitness, combined with the bravery of a lion and a ton of commitment.

The games are run in a 120-metre arena. Skills performed include galloping dismounts, balloon bursting, hitting joust targets, vaults at all speeds, and leaning off the sides of ponies for gear pick up and placement.

Ponies seem to love mounted games just as much as their riders . . . they’re off at a full gallop the instant their rider gives the signal, skidding to a halt when approaching an upturned bin, turning on a dime around hammers as their riders fly down to pick them up, before vaulting back on to race for home.

And it is a real family sport too. It’s all hands-on deck for competitors and supporters of all ages who help put out equipment, line judge and officiate. As a result, Mounted Games New Zealand has developed into an extended community, spanning from Northland to Otago, with many international contacts developed through competing overseas.


Thursday Morning
9:00am - Heat 2

Thursday Afternoon
4:00pm - Heat 3

Friday Afternoon
11:15am - Heat 4

Saturday Morning
9:00am - B & A FInal, Part 1

Saturday Afternoon
1:00pm - B & A Final, Part 2