John Lyons (Horsemanship)

“America’s Most Trusted Horseman” is heading to EQUITANA Auckland!

John Lyons is recognised as a world leader for his equine training talents . . . and we’re excited to announce him as the start EQUITANA Auckland horsemanship presenter.

He and wife Jody hail from the aptly-named Dream Ranch in Colorado, in the United States where they run clinics, expos, demonstrations and programmes.

The focus for Lyons is simple – create a relationship, find the performance and nurture your friendship with your horse.

It’s for good reason they call him “America’s most trusted horseman”. He works to change a horse’s behaviour, attitude and attention; improve ground manners, riding and performance.

Lyons has been sharing his knowledge with the wider equestrian world since 1980, and while he is pulling back a little now, he’s still fully focused on helping everyone get the very best from their horses.

Thousands have worked with him, and this is the very first time he is presenting in New Zealand.

He’s done a whistle-stop visit to the country years back, and can’t wait to get hands on with Kiwi horse men and women.

Lyons is a staunch family man, and between he and Jody, they have a blended family of seven children and 12 grandchildren – some of whom have clearly inherited that equine talent.

Make the most of the opportunity to see one of the best natural horsemanship trainers in the world.

John will be delivering a number of Educations Sessions, Western Demonstrations, Signing Sessions plus heaps more across the four days of EQUITANA!