Thursday Night - All Star Showcase

The All Star Showcase will kick EQUITANA Auckland off with a bang.
It’s the opening day of this inaugural New Zealand event, but EQUITANA is most certainly an internationally-celebrated affair, so expect the best. Producer Sandi Simons has brought together the stars to ensure your first night is both educational and inspirational. Imagine for a moment you could have a snap-shot of all the very best of EQUITANA Auckland on the opening day, well, that’s just what Simons has put together for the All Star Showcase.

The three hour programme includes Star Presenters, eventer Andrew Nicholson, dressage trainer Jonny Hilberath and horsemanship specialist John Lyons, alongside EQUITANA Auckland educators, reining champion David Simons and ranch rider Todd McCormack, as well as a little taste of Tina Fagen’s much-anticipated EquiMana.
“We have a little from everything in the All Star Showcase,” says Simons. Included in the programme are miniatures, showing, dressage, The Way of The Horse, carriage driving, mounted games, music and more.

This is an entertainment showcase for the whole family that will leave you spellbound.

Begins at 7pm on the Premier Indoor Arena