Fiona Howell

Fiona Howell


Growing up around a large horse community, Fiona was able to join her parents in starting young horses, and spending hours riding in the bush and experiencing harness outings.

Taking an interest in the Australian Stock Horse breed, Fiona later decided to compete in the Australian Stock Horse ring and became successful locally and at state level. Learning training tools and techniques from various trainers, she developed a program and started her own young horses and developed them into Royal winners.

Studying Neuro Linguistic Programming, Riders soon asked for assistance to overcome their horsemanship challenges, overcoming fear and limited beliefs, goal setting and understanding competition. Fiona is dedicated and passionate about helping riders experience a fun and successful partnership between there horse.

Education Sessions

Taking your performance to the next level

Thursday, 21st November | Equine Mind Coach Stage

This session we take a look at how to take your riding discipline to the next stage..... whether it be competitive or recreational. An interaction session on where you are now....and where you'd like to be... I'll take you on a personal development journey on how to get the most out of you and your horses performance utilising a mindset and goal setting theory lesson that identifies creating a belief, visualization techniques as well as mapping out a path to your performance success. This life changing experience will leave you with a map of tools and techniques in hand to guide you to success.

Overcoming fear, and empowering your beliefs

Saturday, 23rd November | Equine Mind Coach Stage

At some point, most riders experience nerves, anxiety or a forgetful mind. Whether its from a previous fall or competing in front of a crowd, you can learn how to control and overcome these nervous behaviours and start to enjoy riding! This session will teach you a powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique to help you move past your fears and enjoy your riding again. Believing in yourself starts today in this session, so you can have a successful tomorrow!
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