Get to know Al Dunning

Get to know Al Dunning

Al Dunning is recognised the world over for his incredible equine training talents and we are excited to have him as a Star Presenter. Providing event-goers with his expertise in horsemanship and Western-style riding. Now is your chance to get to know Al with a fast 5, before seeing him at EQUITANA Auckland.

5 facts:

1) Al started showing at the age of 12 and became a professional horse trainer at the age of 20 (in 1970).

2) Al has trained for every even but specializes in cutting, reining, and working cow horse. Ranch riding has become a new specialty because of its huge popularity.

3) Al has won numerous awards for his contributions including AQHA Horseman of the Year, NCHA Zane Schulte Trainer of the Year, Arizona Quarter Horse Association Hall of Fame and Western Horseman Magazine’s Horseman of the Year.

4) Currently, Al and his clients have won almost 50 World and Reserve World Championships in AQHA, NCHA, NRHA, and NRCHA.

5) Al has owned and operated the Almosta Ranch since 1973. He has been married to his wife Becky for 48 years and has two children – McKenzie and Grady.

Are you excited to see Al in his masterclass… here is a little preview of what is to come.

1) I concentrate on 5 basics on every horse. They should go forward readily, turn right and left equally, stop with a soft cue, back smoothly, and collect understanding cues in the mouth, neck, and sides.

2) Working the mechanical cow (CowTrac), you should first teach the horse to follow as they would on a real cow. When the flag stops, you should stop square. When the flag turns, you should back to load up on the hocks and make a turn that is over your previous tracks. Holding your line while maintaining a connection to the flag is key!

3) Many people pull to stop their horses. Horses should learn to give to the pull properly. My sequence for running and stopping a horse is run smoothly, begin to sit and melt into the saddle, say the word “whoa”, then pick up on the reins,. This gives the horse time to think and react before the bit is engaged.

// EQUITANA Auckland 21-24 November 2019