Jody Hartstone

Jody Hartstone


Jody Hartstone started her riding career as a regular Pony Club rider – going right through the Pony Club system and gaining her A and H Certificates. She was lucky enough to ride for the NZPCA in Japan in 1995 which gave her the confidence to pursue riding as a career.

Through the stallion Belmont Golden Boy she began her dressage career and also became involved in breeding Warmblood horses – a career move that now sees her sitting as the President of the NZ Warmblood Assn. Jody freelanced as a 3-Day Event groom on the international circuit for many years and got to work at the the European and World Championships.

Then her dressage career began in earnest with the purchase of Landioso – a Grand Prix stallion from Germany. Together they qualified for the World Equestrian Games. But more importantly Landioso set her on a road that would lead to Dr Andrew McLean. This man’s teaching changed Jody’s world and made her the horse trainer she is today. Jody began studying Equitation Science and gained her Diploma and now has a successful coaching career based on these methods. Jody currently breeds both Warmbloods and Lusitano horses and rides the Lusitano Stallion Ali Baba at Grand Prix level.

Education Sessions

Teaching Turn - The biggest mistake in ridden Sport Horse training

11.00am - 11.45am Thursday, 21st November | Demo Arena - Hall 1

Jody will uncover the mysteries surround the most poorly trained of all signals in the ridden sport horse... The Turn. Did you know that dysfunctions of the turn signal can lead to unwanted behaviours such as tension, rearing, napping and shying? Most people will state that they use their legs and seat to turn the horse but Jody will explain why this is not a good idea for English riding where the horse must first and foremost learn to turn from the rein aids. Jody will show what good turns look like and will talk about incorrect turns and how to fix them to produce calm and reliable horses who don't shy or show other conflict behaviours.

Straightness Training

3.45pm - 4.30pm Friday, 22nd November | Demo Arena - Hall 1

Jody will show how it is important to straighten every horse - from dressage to jumpers and beyond. A crooked horse is an unhappy horse with often soundness issues creeping in too. We owe it to our horses to produce them in a way that allows them to be supple and for this they need straightness Most people have been told to straighten by pushing the horse more forward from behind, however Jody's techniques start from the front and work back and in this session she will tell you why this is the case. Jody will show different techniques with the reins to influence the horse's body and way of going causing the horse to hold itself in better posture and become rounder by technique - not force.