Karen Loshbaugh

Karen Loshbaugh


Co-founder of Art2Ride Classical Foundation Training, which includes an Art2Ride Training Centre and an available online systematic program for developing horses.

Despite my success on the show circuit as a hunter/jumper and later becoming a USDF Dressage Silver medallist, I felt dissatisfaction in what I was seeing in the warm up area and in the show ring. A lot of unhappy, frustrated horses being forcefully ridden. I felt like I was being taught to fight against the horse instead of creating a willing partner.

As I became a trainer myself, I knew I was still missing an important element to my riding. Riding in a clinic with Will Faerber (co-founder of Art2Ride) provided an insight into the education behind that elusive element and brought my riding/training to a completely different dimension. The missing element is engagement and connection over the top line.

Developing horses using Classical Foundation Training has resulted in the harmony and lightness I was seeking, regardless if I was jumping, trail riding or schooling dressage. What a pleasure to work with horses that are (or will become) eager and willing to work, beginning and ending in complete relaxation. This is available and achievable for any owner/rider willing to put the time in and follow a system that puts the horse first.

Education Sessions

Engagement of the back/preventing kissing spine

Friday, 22nd November | Demo Arena - Hall 1

Giving riders/owners a systematic approach to developing engagement and connection over the topline. How does one go about teaching a horse to engage? What is engagement? What keeps a horse from engaging?

Prevent kissing spine by developing engagement

Sunday, 24th November | Demo Arena - Hall 1

A hollow horse (lack of engagement) is a contributor to kissing spine. Learning how to engage your horse's topline can help prevent this debilitating condition.
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