Larissa Bilston

Larissa Bilston

Horse Health

Larissa Bilston (B.AgrSc – Hons 1) has worked as an animal nutritionist and feed advisor, working with feed mills, farmers, trainers and owners to provide dairy and beef cattle, horses, poultry and alpacas with cost-effective, well-balanced rations.

She grew up loving rural life and has owned horses since she was seven years old when her grandfather succumbed to years of her begging for a pony of her own!

Larissa and two partners established Farmalogic and began developing scientifically based nutritional supplements for horses, beginning with one of Australia’s favourite brands, Equine Vit&Min and later adding the Farmalogic range of problem solver supplements. As the Nutritionist for Farmalogic, Larissa enjoys working with horse owners to help them feed their equines well balanced diets to fit both their budget and to cater for individual horse requirements.

Education Sessions

Feeding your horse better for less! Is it possible?

1.30pm - 2.15pm Friday, 22nd November | Classroom 1

Equine Nutrition for all Disciplines Larissa will introduce the Equine Nutrition Pyramid and explain how to work out the ultimate ration for your horse using basic scientific principles to provide correct nutrition can allow horse owners to cost-efficiently feed everything their horses need to breed, grow and perform.

Feeding for healthy hooves, coat colour & shine!

11.45am - 12.30pm Saturday, 23rd November | Classroom 2

Equine Nutrition for all Disciplines Larissa will will discuss what nutrition can contribute to hoof health, and how to provide your horse with a cost-effective diet capable of growing healthy hoof tissue and explain the basic elements required in the diet to provide your horse with everything needed to produce an intense colour with a show-ring glow without needing spray-on shine.