Multi-Olympian Bruce Goodin to Headline Jumping at EQUITANA Auckland

Multi-Olympian Bruce Goodin to Headline Jumping at EQUITANA Auckland

Four-time Olympian Bruce Goodin has been announced as the EQUITANA Auckland Jumping Star Presenter. Goodin is New Zealand’s most capped show jumper, having competed at four Olympic Games (Barcelona 1992, Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008) as an athlete, chef d’equipe for Atlanta in 1996 and has competed at two World Equestrian Games (Normandie 2014 and Tryon 2018)….

Bruce first left New Zealand at just 17 for short stints before making the big move to the UK at 21, basing first with Sir Mark Todd – who had worked at his family’s dairy farm – before heading off on his own. Over the ensuing years he based in Belgium, Spain and Denmark before making Sweden his home. He met his wife Ulrika in 2005 and the couple, with their seven-year-old daughter Elisabeth, are based at her family property.

Describing his philosophy Goodin says; – Always see a big picture of what you’re trying to get to. I see myself as a tradesman: I have a lot of tools of how to get there, even some go-to tools, but I don’t use the same for every horse.” Goodin says with his unmistakable, and charming, Kiwi accent.

Bruce rates his current top horse Backatorps Danny as possibly his best ever. “He really is shaping up to be the one,” he says. “He also has a great personality – a little bit like a loveable grumpy old man . . . not that he is that old.”

The two have not been together that long and on debut were part of the history-making New Zealand team to win the Nations’ Cup in Abu Dhabi last year. “What he did there and where he came from was quite incredible. He had not experience to do that and yet he just walked into the arenas (at Abu Dhabi and Rome) and jumped so well. It shows what a great brain he has.”

EQUITANA Auckland event manager Kevin Hansen said he was thrilled to have Bruce coming home for the event. “His family is one of the icons of New Zealand equestrian – the sport has lived with David Goodin’s successes and Bruce has carried that on. There is no-one better to have at EQUITANA Auckland.”

Bruce will be holding an unmissable Jumping masterclass at EQUITANA Auckland as part of Saturday Jumping Day and tickets are on sale now.

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