Peter Horobin

Peter Horobin

Horse Health

A saddler and saddle fitter for 40 years, Peter Horobin has spent many years educating himself on saddle fitting and equine biomechanics to then incorporate this knowledge into cutting edge technology in the saddle manufacturing industry.

Having an extensive knowledge of saddles and being a horseman himself, he is always continuing to lead and evolve the saddle manufacturing industry into new dimensions of engineering and design. With a passion for horse racing not only is Peter educated in the performance world but also has the opportunity to work with professionals in the racing industry to improve and evolve the thoughts and concept of saddle fit within a racing stable.

Having lectured in over 10 countries and with working relationships with many different styles of equine professionals from all over the world, Peter is an expert in the field of saddle fitting and with a simple approach endeavours to educate riders about the simple and effective tools which can be used at home to recognise incorrect saddle fit.

Education Sessions

Back to Basics - Saddle Fitting

10.30am - 11.15am Friday, 22nd November | Demo Arena - Hall 1

Having trouble interpreting your saddle fit assessment? Not sure where to go to next? Back to basics saddle fitting is what Peter Horobin specialises in. Being able to identify why your saddle is not fitting correctly and what you are able to do about it can save you time and money. Being able to make sense of your saddle and how it should fit is essential for the wellbeing of your horse. Equine back health is an important aspect of the Peter Horobin Saddlery saddle fit assessment, discover how Peter can turn your questions into answers that can be understood plain and simple. You will be given tools to take home to recognise how to assess how your own saddle is fitting.

Saddle Fitting & Biomechancis

1.45pm - 2.30pm Sunday, 24th November | Demo Arena - Hall 1

Join Peter to learn how equine back health can be affected by incorrect saddle fit and ultimately affect your performance and riding. Being able to identify the causes of incorrect saddle fit and what you can do about it is essential for a happy horse and happy rider. Join the discussion about saddle fit and biomechanics and how they go hand in hand. With the world following of the Art2Ride philosophy, you will be delighted to discover some new and forward thinking facts about biomechanics and saddle fit.