Plenty of Practice for TWOTH’s Georgia

Plenty of Practice for TWOTH’s Georgia

Everything Aussie competitor Georgia Kolovos is doing these days is part of her preparation for her involvement in The Way of The Horse at EQUITANA Auckland.

“I am trying to push my own horsemanship by practicing shorter time frames and putting more into one session with the horses I am currently training,” says Georgia. “So where I may end a session for the day, I now ask a little bit more of the horse and see that I can help it cope with the extra tasks.”

Of course, she is super careful to ensure it’s right for the horse. “The horse must always be number one so I am keeping this in mind.”

She’s looking closely at the gear she may need in Auckland but faces the challenge of not being able to bring everything on the plane with her. “I often use pool noodles for touching legs and desensitisation but I think it wold look pretty funny taking one on the plane, so that is something I will buy when I arrive in New Zealand.”

Saddle fit is a huge consideration too but she is confident her Kuda Aussie Flex will be a good choice. “I have used it on a few warmbloods in the past including one I am currently starting and it seems a good fit for the average warmblood shape. This is certainly something which can affect the comfort and willingness of the horse when being started,” she says. “That’s why my saddle of choice is a flexible tree saddle which allows greater flex and moves more with the horse than a traditional tree can, but offers a bit more structure than treeless saddles can.”

Georgia is super excited about the pending competition and trip, but also very busy with her business too, hosting clinics and training horses, including wild Brumbies. “The clinics are perfectly timed to help me prepare and practice for TWOTH and gain as much advice and wisdom from (good friend and mentor) Steve (Burke) in the lead up.”

// EQUITANA Auckland 21-24 November 2019