Pulling out all the Stops in Preparation for TWOTH

Pulling out all the Stops in Preparation for TWOTH

As well as keeping his very busy business cracking on, he is ensuring he is working with a lot of different types of horses, including some who are untouched – just as he will face at TWOTH.

Taupo horseman Andrew Jamison is making sure he is getting the best preparation possible for his debut at EQUITANA Auckland’s The Way of The Horse Challenge.

“I’ve been trying out working with all sorts of different obstacles and having people watch me start horses just to prepare me for the crowds,” says Andrew. He has sought out feedback from others who have competed in similar challenges, including the EQUITANA Auckland champ Tui Teka. He knows he will need to pick the right horse on the day. “It will need to be one who can handle the environment – that’s important for this.”

He’ll be looking for one who is willing, with a kind eye and forward moving.

“I am very excited about it all and looking forward to the challenge ahead,” he says. “It is such a great opportunity for me to grow myself and my horsemanship.” Right at the heart of all Andrew does is to remain true to himself. “It is crucial that I stick to who I am and what I know,” he says. “That’s what got me this far.”

To learn more about the TWOTH competition and Andrew’s fellow competitors https://www.equitanaakl.co.nz/the-way-of-the-horse-the-challenge/