Sandi Simons

Sandi Simons


Sandi Simons was a typical country kid that would jump on any horse and ride!

But like many women she discovered once she got a little older, became a wife and mother of five (yep five!) along with discovering how to overcome her own disability of spinal disease, she developed an innate sense of self preservation, thus leading to her own loss of confidence.

Using her own experiences and unique style, incorporating some of the training methods of her husband David Simons, Sandi has helped hundreds of women regain the confidence to get back in the saddle whilst enjoying a safe and harmonious relationship with their horses. Sandi’s insightful, compassionate nature makes her a truly unique coach who is now providing a training system that has been sadly lacking for those that have struggles within the equine world.

Education Sessions

Are you a nervous rider? So am I .. Learn how to manage your fears with a safe training system

Thursday, 21st November | Demo Arena - Hall 1

Nervous Rider?  Groundwork and ridden work for you

Saturday, 23rd November | Demo Arena - Hall 1

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