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Sir Mark Todd – The Master

EQUITANA Auckland is beyond proud and excited to announce that the legendary master of equestrian sport, Sir Mark Todd will be a Star Presenter this November.

The iconic rider needs little introduction. He has two Olympic gold medals to his name, has competed at seven Olympic Games in total, is a three-time medallist at the World Equestrian Games and has five Burghley Horse Trial wins and four Badminton Horse Trials wins to his credit.

Sir Mark Todd is a legend of the sport of eventing, with a career spanning nearly 40 years and innumerable accolades. A fixture at the highest level of his sport, Mark Todd has won all that there is to win in his career and has already left an indelible mark on the history of eventing. At 62 years old, he was also named by the FEI as the ‘Best Rider of the 20th Century’ and continues to target the top spot on podiums around the world.

EQUITANA is renowned for bringing the biggest stars in the world to New Zealand and there are none more impressive than the master himself. Sir Mark Todd will be attending all four days of EQUITANA Auckland, giving you the chance to learn and meet your hero.

“It is the first time I have been to EQUITANA anywhere in the world and for it to be in New Zealand is something quite special,” said Sir Mark.

“There is always so much to soak in at an event that offers so much – from masterclasses to buying whatever your heart desires and learning from some of the best in the world. I can’t wait.”


Awards and Recognition

Sir Mark Todd is New Zealand’s most crowned Olympian with seven caps to his credit and loved the world over for his talent, success and generosity in sharing all his knowledge. Sir Mark’s back-to-back individual gold medal wins at the Los Angeles (1984) and Seoul (1988) Olympic Games aboard the mighty Charisma won the hearts of the nation. He’s also won two Olympic team bronze medals and an individual. His World Champs record is just as impressive, with two team golds, an individual silver and a team bronze. Add to that being voted the Rider of the 20th Century by the FEI, five wins at Burghley and four at Badminton – the world’s highest ranked events.

To spend time with him in the public eye is akin to being in the presence of a rock star – a constant flow of people keen to chat, shake his hand, ask a question or have a photo taken with him. He takes it all in his stride and seems to have all the time in the world for each person.

EQUITANA Auckland’s Kevin Hansen has known Sir Mark for decades and says it is a real treat to have him coming home for the iconic event.

“Sir Mark is the most extraordinary athlete. I doubt his achievements will ever be met by another rider. We are beyond proud to have him come back to New Zealand for EQUITANA this year and can’t wait to share him with you all,” He says.

As a Star Presenter at EQUITANA Auckland, Sir Mark will be presenting an exclusive Eventing Masterclass and evening show on Thursday, along with several other education sessions and special events.


Prepare to be left star-struck as you spend an evening with the one and only Sir Mark Todd on the opening night of EQUITANA.

This will be an intimate ‘this is your life’ showcase of Sir Mark, delving into the ups and downs of an incredible career that has seen him become New Zealand’s most acclaimed Olympian and equestrian legend.

There is a reason that Sir Mark has become such a legend, not only in equestrian circles but all over the world and in this 2-hour exclusive special event you will get a never-before-seen insight into what makes him tick.

Dispersed throughout the interview, Sir Mark will take us through some of his most treasured moments in the saddle. From those awe-inspiring Olympic gold medal wins on his beloved Charisma, through the unbelievable return to the highest level of the sport after retirement at Beijing 2008.

Sir Mark will not only be recounting his amazing life and achievements, but the evening will also showcase his coaching talents as he instructs some of New Zealand’s top eventing riders through some of his favourite techniques that he uses to produce his horses.

This spectacular evening won’t be like anything you’ve seen before in New Zealand. Modelled from our sister company at EQUITANA Germany – Sir Mark Todd LIVE is a once in lifetime show with our very own legend of eventing, that will leave you feeling inspired. Seats will only be available for Thursday Full Day Ticket and Super Ticket holders.

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