Sponsor update // Norwood launches ‘Strength in Diversity’ campaign

Sponsor update // Norwood launches ‘Strength in Diversity’ campaign

Norwood have broken the mold with their most recent major marketing campaign, taking a break from talking tractors and instead focusing on strengthening the agriculture industry by celebrating and encouraging greater diversity.

Marketing Manager, Holly Steger, said the campaign is about making sure that the Ag industry is reflected accurately, especially across Norwood’s marketing and communications channels, and that people across the sector understand how diversity can be an immense asset.

“The Strength in Diversity campaign has been created to celebrate diversity in Aotearoa’s farming community. Specifically, it aims to shine a light on the fantastic contribution that women make to the agriculture sector”.

“We also want to show younger generations, especially young women, that farming and agriculture is a great industry to be part of, and that there are plenty of opportunities for them to build a successful career” said Steger.

The campaign launched with a profile of Manawatu based farmer, Rebecca Howell of SRD Farming. Rebecca and her husband are 50/50 sharemilkers in Pahiatua, milking 270 cows on 174 hectares.

Rebecca thinks that the industry is changing and will be better for encouraging more women into the sector.

“Over the past decade is when the doors have really started opening up, and the women have really started shining through and been given wonderful opportunities and are grabbing them, and are proving themselves in the industry, which is absolutely incredible.

“To anyone look at getting into the Agriculture industry, I say do it. Grab it. Go for it. And really have a good look around, because you can filter through all the different things that you can do in Ag from sheep to dairy, cropping, tractors, absolutely anything. And it’s an absolutely wonderful industry to be in.”

To learn more about Norwood’s Strength in Diversity campaign, visit https://www.norwood.co.nz/about/strength-in-diversity/

// EQUITANA Auckland 21-24 November 2019