The Challenge

The Ultimate Horsemanship Challenge

The Way Of The Horse (TWOTH) is EQUITANA’s prestigious Horsemanship Challenge, showcasing the skill of four invited trainers as they take unhandled New Zealand Warmbloods from wild-to-willing across the four days of EQUITANA Auckland.

The Way of the Horse burst onto the scene at EQUITANA in 2017 and has well and truly become a fan-favourite. This is the ultimate trans-tasman showdown, as you watch and learn from the best trainers in New Zealand and Australia in this educational horse starting competition.

The trainers are selected for their experience in starting young horses, training methods and their empathy with horses.

We are so excited to announce that the four trainers contesting the prestigious title are:
– Amanda Wilson (New Zealand)
– Andrew Jamison (New Zealand)
– Georgia Kolovos (Australia)
– Donal Hancock (Australia)

The judging panel will consist of our Star Presenters who have a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw upon in determining the overall winner.

Days 1-3 of the Challenge will be accessible on all ticket types, with the Grand Finale on Sunday afternoon only available on a Sunday Day Ticket or Super Ticket.


To celebrate 20 years, EQUITANA Melbourne 2018 held the TWOTH All-Stars Challenge last November, putting four previous champions up against each other.

The Horse-starting Journey

In this electrifying horsemanship contest, the action begins right from the start. After choosing their young, unstarted horse from a selection trucked directly from the paddock to the venue, the four trainers work simultaneously in separate round pens, giving the public a unique opportunity to compare starting methods and training styles. Contestants are judged by a respected panel of Equestrians, who award individual points for techniques used to determine the winner.

2017 Winner – Tui Teka

At EQUITANA Auckland in 2017, the extremely talented horseman Tui Teka took out the prestigious title.

Tui was the unanimous winner, judged by our panel of Star Presenter judges, Andrew Nicholson, Jonny Hillberath and John Lyons, after he developed an incredible connection with his grey mare across the four days of EQUITANA.

Who will it be in 2019!?