EQUITANA Auckland will feature national and international brands, including the largest presence of Australian trade sites ever to be seen in one place in New Zealand. More than 200 sites will be predominantly equine, with a dash of lifestyle block sites included. All the big equine brands will be here, offering jaw-dropping specials and not-to-be-missed product lines.

Benefits of Trading at EQUITANA

Gain Brand Recognition

With an expected attendance of over 20,000 attendees, there is no better way to directly reach your public and make them aware of your company, brand and products than trade events.

Strengthen Your Relationships

EQUITANA Auckland provides the unique opportunity to strengthen your relationships both with your public, distributors and industry peers. With thousands of public and hundreds of companies attending each year, the event provides the perfect catalyst for all business relationships.

Attract Media Exposure

EQUITANA leads the way in providing exhibitors with the ultimate marketing opportunities across all medias as well as proactive online avenues. The EQUITANA Auckland Official Website contains a continuous list of contracted exhibitors including links to their website and social media pages. This list can also be accessed from EQUITANA’s own Facebook page which maintains over 5,000 likes.

Grow Your Business

EQUITANA Auckland provides the exhibitor with endless opportunities to grow their business within one of the strongest industries in New Zealand. The chance to track your market progress through database collections, targeted sales and trackable marketing avenues are only limited by your imagination.

Highly Targeted Audience

No other event in New Zealand can provide access to such a huge number of specifically targeted audience members. By being the only multi-disciplinary event of its size in New Zealand, EQUITANA Auckland has the unique position of being able to offer access to ALL groups which make up the bulk of the equine industry.

EQUITANA Auckland gives companies the chance to keep their finger on the pulse of the industry through the members of the public who drive it. Don’t let your company be left in the dark this year!


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