Trisha McCagh

Trisha McCagh


Trisha McCagh is an internationally acclaimed animal communicator, speaker and author “Stories from the Animal Whisperer ” Allen & Unwin publishers), ‘Ask Your Horse’, ‘Ask Your Dog’.

Due to her extensive experience she has been invited to share her amazing insights on television, radio, and newspapers both nationally and internationally. She is currently in talks with TV networks to create her own program showcasing this amazing human/animal connection. Through her consultations and courses she takes people on a journey into a different world, with a new perception of animals and nature.

Growing up in the suburbs of Perth Western Australia, and completing high school, she studied at university to be a dental hygienist. She enjoyed a successful career in dentistry for many years, but it wasn’t until she relocated to Sydney that she discovered her hidden abilities in intuitive communication with animals.

Trisha studied animal communication in the United States with the pioneers and authors in this field, and the area of metaphysics in London to increase her skills and knowledge. Though being able to communicate with any species one of her specialty areas is with horses. She began to realize the amazing intelligence of horses and the depths of relationships that develop between horse and the people that interact with them. Horses feel a vast array of emotions just as we do and these emotions need to be expressed and understood for a successful two-way relationship to exist. Trisha soon found translating the thoughts and feelings of horses to their people made it much easier to find solutions for behavioural, health and in fact any issues that arose in any situation. Getting to the root of the problem and taking action often created instant success and less frustration whether competition, racing, recreational riding or just enjoying the companionship with your horse.

She now runs successful horse clinics throughout Australia.

Education Sessions

What is your horse thinking & why!

Friday, 22nd November | Small Demo Arena - Hall 2

Horses are intuitive beings, so it is understandable that they have an intuitive language. A silent language they use to communicate not only with each other but also with YOU if you care to listen. Haven't you every wondered, if you knew exactly what your horse was thinking and feeling at any one moment, you could change the outcome? Often inappropriate behaviour is a simple misunderstanding between horse and human. What is important to you, may not be important to your horse. Reaching compromise and respect is about joining two perspectives while creating equality and harmony.

Mastering Oneness with your Horse

Saturday, 23rd November | Small Demo Arena - Hall 2

If you understand the true nature of horses, you will realise their thought and energy process is very different to yours. How do you truly get on their wavelength? Of course you need to learn to communicate in their silent language but you also need to comprehend how different types of energy affects their behavious and wellbeing. You need to be very aware of your energy and that of the immediate environment when being with your horse. Discover how to recognise these energy types and create the ideal ambience that allows magic to flow freely between you and your horse in any situation.
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