Dressage Star Presenter

Tristan Tucker – TRT Method

Internationally celebrated Dressage and Horsemanship trainer Tristan Tucker is coming to EQUITANA as the official Dressage Star Presenter, joining a star-studded line-up of Sir Mark Todd and Al Dunning as the headline guests!

Tristan is world renowned for his training methods and specifically for developing the ‘TRT Method’, an online training programme regarded by some of the world’s best riders.

“Every horse can be confident and relaxed. Your horse just needs to know how to learn”. This is the ethos to all his work with horses.

The TRT method was designed by Tristan to mentally train horses to cope in our human environment. Tristan specializes in wholesome training for riders and their performance horses, helping you to solve problems from tension in training and competition, through to horse shyness and trailer loading, plus everything in between.

“It’s all about giving riders the skill set to transform their horse’s life”, he says.

Tristan has travelled all around the world demonstrating his techniques, which is used by many top dressage riders. However, as Tristan explains, the TRT method is for every horse and rider, whether you’re just starting out, or competing at grand prix level.

“My message is that every horse can be confident and relaxed,” he said. “It just takes the right training.”

Tristan is not only an exceptional horsemanship trainer, he is also a highly regarded Grand Prix Dressage rider and shot to fame in 2017 for his outstanding performance at the Olympia Horse Show in London.


Tristan’s Story

Tristan was born in the UK but moved to Australia as a child. He grew up around horses and was a regular helping his mother at the racing stables where she worked. Tristan came up through the Pony Club system, also trying jumping and eventing before following his mother into the world of racing where he rode track work and drove harness horses.

It was while on a trip to Europe in 1999 that his world changed. It was there he met his long-time trainer Morten Thomsen who inspired him into a new way of training horses. Morten introduced him to classical ways of training and riding but to strong horsemanship practices.

Tristan returned to Australia to complete an arts degree at university before establishing his own business training Dressage horses.

“I wanted to learn from whoever I could, who could do something good with horses,” he says.

While working with some of Australia’s greatest horsemanship gurus he honed his own skills and began to really understand the horse. With a growing business at his Melbourne stable he was often starting up to 100 horses from all sorts of disciplines and breeds. It was a massive time of learning for him. “As much of a cliché as it may be, the horses were my biggest mentors.”

In 2009 he returned to Europe to work for Morten to build on his knowledge and focus on his goal of being a top dressage rider. Word had quickly spread about his abilities and he was in demand for training horses, teaching and clinics across Europe and the United States.

In 2011 he started travelling to the Netherlands for training on Gronskovlunds marquis, his Grand Prix horse, and a year later he moved there permanently but still rides under the Australian flag.

From his Langenboom (Noord-Brabant) base he trains horses right through to Grand Prix level as well as teaching students who are competing at international level while also giving TRT demonstrations and clinics all over the world. It was the ongoing and growing demand for his clinics that saw him launch the TRT method online, opening the door for many who had been unable to attend clinics in person. Tristan way of training is for every rider and horse, whether you’re just starting out or competing at Grand Prix level.

“This way I can teach ambitious riders from all over the world the TRT method so that they can enjoy the equestrian sport more and their horses can feel more confident and relaxed.”

Veterinary Associates Dressage Masterclass featuring Tristan Tucker

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