My name is Claire New and I have been a volunteer with EQUITANA for the past two years and I am now looking forward to my third event at home in Auckland this year!

I volunteered at the first Auckland show in 2017 and I was so delighted to be part of the first event so I decided to apply to go to Melbourne for the 20th Anniversary of EQUITANA in Australia last year. I also submitted an application for my partner which he found out about later!

As a volunteer, it was instantly apparent that we were joining the EQUITANA family. The sponsors always provide great quality clothing to the volunteers in the shape of polo shirts, jackets and caps.
The EQUITANA team are a family of highly organised, friendly, proud people with a passion for horses, fun and providing a quality entertaining show. Everything worked like clockwork!

We would recommend this experience to anyone. It’s a fabulous atmosphere and a great sense of community.

// Have you considered being a part of the EQUITANA Auckland Pryde’s EasiFeed volunteer team? Applications are still open for your chance to be a part of four days of equine heaven – http://www.equitanaakl.co.nz/volunteer