The Way Of The Horse – Did you know? // Fast Five

The Way Of The Horse – Did you know? // Fast Five

We uncover some of the interesting facts that you maybe didn’t know about The Way Of The Horse…

1.) The trainers will only get 7 hours with their horses across the four days of EQUITANA.

2.) Trainers cannot have any contact with their horses outside of the competition

3.) The horses used in the challenge are trucked straight from the paddock to the EQUITANA arena, having only been handled out of emergency or necessity.

4.) The trainers who ride or can do tricks on their horses aren’t necessarily the winner. All factors are taken into consideration by the judges, such as temperament, how the horse is coping in the environment, how empathetic the trainer is etc with the best overall horse-trainer awarded the title.

5.) Each trainer has the option to purchase their horse at the end of the competition, if they choose not to then each will be available for private sale by the stud at the conclusion of the competition.

Watch the four trainers work in side-by-side pens in the main arena, giving spectators the unique opportunity to compare starting methods and training styles.

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